We protect your space by filtering electrosmog

SPIRO® for Spaces Protection

SPIRO®’s protection system for general exposure to telecommunications (including 4G / 5G / WiFi / Bluetooth) in the environment, works through a cumulative effect of natural magnetic ordering that occurs once the SPIRO® material  (One or several SPIRO® Discs) is installed in a specific space.

SPIRO® discs are usually placed in each space of the enclosure in a vertical position, using a base that comes with it and facing the direction of the main sources of radiation that come from the outside, or direct sources of emission located in the space where the disc is located. The number of discs used or the power required varies according to the volume of electronics inside, the exposure near the building, the type of building, and the number of inhabitants in that space.

SPIRO® has proven to be effective not only in filtering pollution and protecting the health of the inhabitants of the spaces, but also has proven to be an effective improvement support for highly electrified smart homes and those connected with wireless surveillance systems.

SPIRO® for Direct Protection from WiFi or Mobile

The use of electronics such as mobile phones expose users to two types of radiation: high frequencies (due to telecommunications) and low frequencies (due to the use of electricity for its operation). For complete protection from both types of emission, the SPIRO® system must be placed near the emission source, so that the material can interact with the low frequency field that surrounds the device, as it works with electricity. Even if a SPIRO® user has a disc in a certain space that can protect them from 5G mobile broadcast, the user still needs a SPIRO® CARD to complete low frequency protection.

For Mobile Phones – SPIRO® CARD

For WiFi Routers – SPIRO® SQUARE

SPIRO® for Low Frequencies Protection

The use of alternating current in our homes and offices, solar inverters in buildings with solar panels, smart meters, electrical transformers, and household appliances with high electrical consumption generate significant low-frequency emissions that directly require the SPIRO® material interacting with the main power supply. In simple words, the SPIRO® material as a low frequency filter must be accompanied by the main electrical sources at home.

Magnetic Field Protection = SPIRO® DISC

Electric Field Protection = SPIRO® DISC / Multiple DISCs, as required

With both magnetic and electric fields, SPIRO® filters effectively protect you. The amount required depends on the field intensity to which the user is exposed, paying special attention to resting areas, where, once the electrical connections and ground connections have been optimized, the unavoidable emissions from the space are perfectly controlled and filtered with SPIRO®, all this following the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonable Achievable).

SPIRO® / STROOM MASTER® for Dirty Electricity Protection

In the case of the so-called Dirty Electricity (Harmonics and Transients) or interference in electrical wiring, the approach is the implementation of an electronic low-pass filter for all current frequencies above 60 Hz. Many of these electronic filters (Low-pass filters) exist on the market; however, these filters, due to their own operation, generate low frequency emissions that, paradoxically, add pollution to the environment. For this reason, we have created the STROOM MASTER®, which, as a low-pass electronic filter, we have manufactured it with the highest standards (certified by UL) and with sufficient microfarad power for proper operation; but, additionally, we have incorporated the SPIRO® material inside to filter the emissions generated by the operation of the device.

Dirty electricity is a problem of interferences that circulate in electrical wiring, adding stress and a disturbance that is distributed throughout the building, especially affecting homes and offices. These harmonics exponentially increase exposure to discordant frequencies that alter people’s central nervous and hormonal systems. Likewise, the quality of electrical power deteriorates and, in turn, affects the efficiency of the system, especially in:

  • Increase in electrical power usage
  • Increase in wear & tear on equipment
  • Utility penalties
  • Malfunctioning of microprocessor-based equipment.
  • Overheat the neutral, transformers, and motors.
  • Deteriorate power factor correction capacitors.
  • Peculiar operation of breakers and relays.

STROOM MASTER® Filters are ideally installed in series: one per workstation or per stay in the building on average.

SPIRO® for Babies, Children, and Pregnant Women

Nowadays, the gestation and initial upbringing of babies are flooded with electromagnetic pollution, parents continually bring electronic devices such as Mobile Phones, electronic Tablets, audio assistants, and “smart” toys closer, all these devices, only due to their electrical operation, generate polluting fields that surround them. If, in turn, these devices have a WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G / 5G mobile connection, then there are also high-frequency radiation emissions that will be absorbed by the fetus or baby, as the case may be.

Mothers can make a significant difference by modifying technology usage habits, such as avoiding unnecessary proximity of their babies to such devices. However, sometimes this technological distancing is not possible and, with the passing of time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep infants away from this pollution.

The solution is to filter with SPIRO® all devices that are located near the baby and, additionally, parents should consider a SPIRO® DISC or one of higher power for spaces. The selection of the product depends on the proximity to semi-industrial type exposures, such as a 5G towers, high voltage lines, or electrical transformers.

Likewise, it is essential for the baby’s health that the mother, when she is away from home, to always carry with her greater protection that accompanies the baby in addition to the filters attached to the mobile phone. The health of pregnant women, infants, and children is especially vulnerable to the effects of Electrosmog due to their smaller, less dense, and more fragile bodies.

  • SPIRO® CARD (Mobiles and Tablets near the baby)
  • SPIRO® SQUARE (Baby Monitors and smart TVs nearby)
  • SPIRO® DISC (crib/stroller or diaper bag when outdoors)

SPIRO® for Sleep Quality Improvement

Electrosmog can negatively impact sleep quality in adults. To protect against these effects, the SPIRO® system offers a unique approach. SPIRO® filters are ideal to use near you while you sleep, as they can be placed under a pillow or at the bedside for multifunctional high and low frequency protection. 

In clinical studies, the nanomagnetic property of SPIRO® filters has been shown to improve sleep quality by increasing REM cycles, which is beneficial for memory, learning and emotional well-being. In addition, SPIRO® filters increase deep sleep phases, which is also crucial for cell regeneration and tissue repair. This can be evidenced by users through sleep monitoring sensors, such as OURA or others.

In cases of significant sleep disorders, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, and chronic intermittent sleep, greater efficacy has been proven by using the SPIRO® DISC PRO and SPIRO® DISC ULTRA filters. Depending on the case, it can take from 15 to 45 days to achieve significant metrics of sleep improvement when suffering from severe disorders. In summary, the use of SPIRO® filters can significantly improve sleep quality and, therefore, general health, which can be observed in the HRV (Heart Rate Variability).

SPIRO® for Electrohypersensitivity (EHS)

At NOXTAK, we are proud to say that we have successfully treated over 1,000 EHS cases. EHS cases are a challenge for the people affected and their environment, and that’s why we have a suggested protocol for users with EHS and a suggested minimum amount of SPIRO® products, which may vary depending on the location and the individual’s work type, factors that can significantly increase the exposure that must be filtered. Often, some individuals with EHS don’t see improvement until their environments are completely controlled in terms of electromagnetic disturbances. These individuals can perceive momentary severe exposures when they wander the streets, suffering long-lasting symptoms. Some EHS cases may even present tinnitus and severe insomnia. 

For all the reasons listed above, the most sensitive individuals are recommended to use the SPIRO® DISC PRO within its suggested solution (the SPIRO® DISC ULTRA being the ideal when there’s insomnia or high proximity to 5G radio bases). This will allow the individual to use SPIRO® as a multifunctional health-promoting and protective tool. In addition, improvements in individuals can be measured by following a simple self-assessment protocol for common signs, symptoms, and sleep quality, which we make available to the them. We are committed to providing effective solutions to help people with EHS live full and healthy lives.

SPIRO® for Sports Performance Improvement

Being healthy and achieving optimal sports performance is increasingly difficult due to the fact that athletes live in environments polluted in multiple ways, such as indoor air quality, toxic chemicals, and, in recent years, the biggest silent aggravation is EMF pollution. The consequence is that athletes are losing physical faculties and are not reaching their maximum potential, this is especially true in high-performance athletes, where any small psychological and/or physiological stress can reduce their performance in their sports field.

To achieve maximum performance, an athlete needs to live in clean habitats with electromagnetic hygiene; To do this, they must pay special attention to filtering their daily-use electronic devices, cleaning the electrical current system (see section on dirty electricity), and ensuring an enhanced resting area with SPIRO® (see section on sleep quality).


With the SPIRO® system, the athlete will not only protect themselves from electrosmog, but will enhance all their biomarkers, improving their autonomic nervous system’s response and HRV (heart rate variability), as well as achieving a potentiation of their vitality and alertness in sporting activity.

The SPIRO® CARD can be placed in clothing or sports accessories for multifunctional protection of high and low frequencies. According to studies, individuals only filtering cell phone emissions with the SPIRO® CARD and using a SPIRO® DISC in the bedroom improved their sports performance. Data has indicated that it can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days to see such improvements in overall performance, with the benefits being amplified if adjustments are made to your technology usage habits and artificial lighting exposure. In summary, SPIRO® filters are a valuable tool to improve sports performance and general health.

High performance athletes can also choose the SPIRO® DISC ULTRA as a multifunctional health optimizing tool (See SPIRO® DISC ULTRA).

SPIRO® for Pets

Electrosmog is an increasing problem in our daily lives, and pets, especially those with smaller bodies, such as small breed dogs and cardiac sensitivities, are particularly vulnerable to it. Pets can be severely affected to the point of becoming ill from unknown causes or even developing cancer.

Pets spend most of their time at home, at the level of electrical outlets, and dirty electricity in electrical wiring has a direct influence on them. Therefore, it is essential to filter your exposure to these electromagnetic fields present in all your environments. One way to achieve this is by serially installing the Stroom Master dirty electricity filters, which in turn contain the SPIRO® filters. In the same way, it is recommended that a SPIRO® DISC (minimum SPIRO® SQUARE) is placed in their resting area. With these filters, you can ensure a safe and healthy environment for pets at home, especially considering their physical vulnerability.

SPIRO® for Electric (EV) or Hybrid Vehicles

Electric cars (EVs) are increasingly present in our lives, but they also generate electrosmog. The most recent EVs, from 2021 onwards, have notably increased the number of sensors they use, and, with it, there has been an increase in high-frequency emissions from the vehicle, such as those at 13.56 MHz. Additionally, electric cars of well-known brands have shown remarkable improvements in the control of low-frequency EMI, however, it is not possible to make them emission-free: no matter how much EMI control is done by manufacturers, vehicle users will still have multiple exposures to electrosmog. 

According to studies carried out in NOXTAK, the exposures vary from one model to another, being the highest those from RF. For all this, a SPIRO® filtering power equivalent to a SPIRO® DISC PRO has been found as the ideal solution to ensure that users are protected in all uses of the vehicle, including when charging. Also, it is important to note that the SPIRO® DISC PRO has already been used in individuals with EHS and has proven its effectiveness in these types of users, who can now use EVs, which that was not possible before.

SPIRO® for Water Structuration

Water is the molecule that fosters life on Earth: it covers about 70% of the Earth’s surface, represents 65% of a human being and 90% of the macromolecules present in biological systems. If water did not exist, there would be no chemical reactions, nutrients and waste transport, etc. In a simple phrase: without water, there would be no life. Within the ambient temperature and pressure range, water is in three conventional physical states, plus one: solid (ice), liquid (liquid water), gaseous (water vapor), and semi-crystalline (biological/structured water).

Structured Water: It is a confusing term for many to describe an exceptional state of water. It is common today to speak of structured water, which is actually living water. The movement of water in a naturally swirling fashion is a common way of talking erroneously about structured water. Similarly, the solarization of water (placing water in the sun) is a way that is mistakenly confused with structuring. Both actions are good and beneficial for water, but they are not the structure we are talking about here. The use of magnets and current conduction are ways of structuring water, but that is not what we do here either.

With SPIRO® a natural nanomagnetic structuring is carried out that transfers a strengthening of the EZ (Exclusion Zones) magnetic domains and, with it, the information and natural structure of the SOI (Spin-Orbit Interaction) is also transferred following the QED (Quantum Electro Dynamics) of water. SPIRO® water promotes improved health markers, increases recovery of natural cell polarity, and provides greater voltage tolerance and immunity to Electrosmog, among other effects.

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