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Structured Water

by NOXTAK® SPIRO® System

Deep Hydration, Transformed Health

What is Structured Water?

In a simple sentence: without water, there would be no life. Within the ambient temperature and pressure range, water is in three conventional physical states of aggregation, plus one: solid (ice), liquid (liquid water), gaseous (water vapor), and semicrystalline (biological/structured water).

Structured water, also known as “The Fourth Phase of Water” or “Exclusion Zone Water” or EZ Water, is a type of water that has a distinct structure in the same liquid state. In other words, we are talking about Liquid water could be classified into two types, since structured water is still liquid water. So what makes this water better and different?

Structured Water is more bioavailable

The key lies in the characteristics of Biological Water

Structured water and biological water in our cells share similar characteristics and properties that are crucial for the proper functioning of our biological systems. Biological water, also known as intracellular water, is the water found inside cells and is vital for maintaining cellular integrity and facilitating biochemical processes. Both structured water and biological water have a more orderly and coherent molecular organization compared to ordinary water.

This similarity in molecular structure allows for better interaction between water molecules and biomolecules in our cells, such as proteins, enzymes, and nucleic acids. The orderly and coherent structure of both waters enhances the water’s ability to act as an efficient solvent, facilitating the absorption and transport of nutrients, as well as the removal of waste and toxins inside the cells.

The similarity between structured water and biological water also extends to their supercoherence properties, which is crucial for the proper functioning of cells. Super coherence allows for efficient and rapid communication between biomolecules and cells, resulting in increased responsiveness and adaptability to changes in the cellular environment and ultimately better functioning of the organism as a whole.

In short, both structured water and biological water in our cells share similar characteristics and properties that are fundamental for proper cellular functioning and homeostasis in our body. These similarities in their structure and properties make structured water consumption potentially beneficial to overall health and well-being.

Structured water is characterized by having a different molecular organization than ordinary water. Instead of being in constant motion and disorder, structured water molecules are arranged in a more orderly and coherent matrix. This neater structure facilitates better interaction with the body’s cells, resulting in greater efficiency in the absorption and utilization of water and nutrients.

In addition to the work of Dr. Gerard Pollack, other researchers and scientists have contributed to the study and knowledge of structured water. One of them is Professor Konstantin Korotkov, a Russian scientist specializing in physics and biophysics, who has developed a method for measuring and evaluating the energy and quality of structured water.

Professor Korotkov has developed a device known as the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV), which makes it possible to measure and analyze the energy field surrounding water molecules. Through this method, it has been shown that structured water has different energy and quality characteristics than ordinary water. Their research has also revealed that structured water can have positive effects on people’s health and well-being, as well as the growth and development of plants and animals.

The study of structured water continues to be an ever-evolving and growing field, with new findings and research expanding our knowledge about the unique properties and benefits of this type of water. As more scientists and scholars get on board with structured water research, it is expected that even more applications and benefits for human health and the environment will be discovered.

SPIRO® Water and Nanomagnetism

With regard to water and how it is influenced by SPIRO’s Nanomagnetism (SPIRO is a nanocomposite material that exhibits a natural ordering of the SOI “Spin Orbit Interaction” of electromagnetic radiation), consider the following: As you know, water molecules are polar molecules, which means they have an asymmetric distribution of electric charge. In a water molecule, oxygen is slightly negative and hydrogen atoms are slightly positive.

When an external magnetic field is applied to a set of water molecules, the magnetic moments of the molecules are oriented in the direction of the magnetic field. This is because the magnetic moments of molecules are influenced by the external magnetic field, and tend to align with it.

In the specific case of water molecules, the magnetic moment is due to the unevenly distributed electric charge in the molecule, which creates a small magnetic field. When an external magnetic field is applied, the water molecules rotate to align their magnetic moment with the external magnetic field, resulting in a small electric current in the water.

In the case of nanomagnetism, we must understand that it is an area of research that focuses on the study of the interaction of magnetic materials at the nanometer scale, that is, on the scale of a few nanometers (a nanometer is one billionth of a meter). On this scale, magnetic materials exhibit unique properties that are due to the interaction between the magnetic moments of the atoms that compose them.

In the context of polar molecules, applied nanomagnetism refers to the ability of ultra-weak magnetic fields, generated by magnetic materials at the nanometer scale, to interact with polar molecules. Although these magnetic fields are extremely weak compared to the magnetic fields used in an MRI, for example, they are strong enough to influence the orientation of the magnetic moments of polar molecules.

This interaction occurs because the polarity of polar molecules makes them susceptible to interaction with weak magnetic fields, even when these magnetic fields are much weaker than the external magnetic fields used in magnetic resonance. In this way, ultra-weak magnetic fields generated by magnetic materials at scale.

Water Structuring

under the SPIRO® principle

The process of structuring water using the Spiro system is a non-invasive treatment that harnesses the power of nanomagnetism to rearrange water molecules into a more coherent and orderly structure.

The Spiro Square X, Spiro Disc, Spiro Disc Pro and Spiro Disc Ultra products are specifically designed to achieve faster and more meaningful structuring response in water.

To structure water using the Spiro system, simply place a container of water over one of the Spiro products mentioned above, or bring the material close to the container. Leave the water in contact with the Spiro product for at least 30 minutes, ideal time for the structuring process to occur effectively. Although structuring begins to happen in just a few minutes after initiating contact, as more time elapses in contact with the Spiro material, more water structuring will be achieved.

This non-invasive approach uses the power of Spiro nanomagnetism to induce changes in the molecular structure of water without the need to chemically or physically alter the liquid itself. The result is structured water that offers improved bioavailability and potential benefits for the health and well-being of those who consume it.

The Super Coherence of SPIRO® Water and EHS

In addition, Spiro’s nanomagnetism exerts a super-coherence effect on the water, which translates into a Spiro protection principle for the liquid. By consuming water structured with this principle applied, the progressive recovery of the body system from the artificial polarization of the spins caused by external magnetic fields and biochemical alterations, as well as electromagnetic hypersensitivity or EHS, is facilitated.

Spiro® water with this protection principle applied is especially beneficial in environments with high electromagnetic pollution, as it acts as an additional barrier against the negative effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields on the body. In this way, the consumption of structured water using the Spiro system not only improves bioavailability and potential health benefits, but also provides additional protection in environments where exposure to electromagnetic pollution is a growing concern.

How Does Spiro Structured Water Benefit the Human Body?

1. Better Hydration

Structured water penetrates cells more easily, promoting deeper and more effective cellular hydration. This improved hydration leads to better overall health and well-being, as proper hydration is essential for all functions of the body.

2. Energy Boost

The best hydration from structured water helps increase energy levels and reduce fatigue. The unique molecular structure of structured water can support cellular energy production, giving you a natural boost throughout the day.

3. Detox

Structured water facilitates the removal of toxins and cellular debris, promoting a more efficient detoxification process. As a result, your body can cleanse itself better and maintain optimal health.

4. Improved Nutrient Absorption

The bioavailability of structured water means that it can also improve nutrient absorption. With better hydration and cellular function, your body can more effectively absorb and utilize the essential nutrients you consume.

Frequently asked questions

Structured water is safe to drink and has no known side effects. However, it’s always important to make sure that the water you consume is free of contaminants and meets water quality standards.

The benefits of structured water can vary from person to person. Some people may notice improvements in their well-being within a few weeks, while others may take several months. The important thing is to maintain a regular structured water consumption to maximize its benefits in the long run.

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