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GEMS is an exclusive international community of continuing education in Electrosmog research, case studies , product reviews, protocols, evaluations, and diagnostic systems.

GEMS  was founded in October 2022 as an initiative to promote health, wellness and improving technologies for a better future.

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The Spin Radiation Organizer (SPIRO) technology has undergone multiple biological, technical and field tests that have shown that the passive filtering approach of SPIRO nanomagnetic films is effective in neutralizing the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Heart Rate Variability - Near Field ELF Exposure

The SPIRO@ DISC is suitable as a protective measure against electromagnetic radiation. It has a benefical effect on the processes of the heart and circulatory system and reduces the efforts of the vegetative nervous system to maintain internal balance.

Sleep Quality Test - Double - Blind Clinical Study

Participants using SPI reported a significant improvement in overall sleep quality, while the control group reported a decrease in sleep quality.

Stress Responses - Double - Blind Clinical Study

The stress index decreased or remained in the optimal zone for all participants who used SPIRO@. They also reported an increase in energy and the level of body balance increased in most cases.

SAR Test - Reduction of maximum radiation emmisions

SPIRO reduces the amount of radiation by the human by reducing emission peaks.

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